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The Young Victoria: the plot and curiosities about the film with Emily Blunt

The Young Victoria: the plot and curiosities about the film with Emily Blunt

The Young Victoria movie

Historical work of 2009, the film The Young Victoria it has won good opinions from critics and the public, fascinated in particular by the faithful reconstruction of the era and of the real personalities brought here on stage. The story, as the title also suggests, is in fact focused on the early years of the reign of Queen Victoria, one of the longest-lived and most loved sovereigns of the United Kingdom. It is the actress who gives her face in the film Emily Bluntknown today for having been the interpreter of famous titles such as The devil wears Prada, Hitman And Mary Poppins Returns.

The idea for the feature film came to Sarah, the Duchess of York and wife of the second son of Elizabeth II. Always fascinated by the figure of Vittoria, she decided to propose the project to the manufacturer Graham Kingwho was busy making the film at the time The DepartedOf Martin Scorsese. King was fascinated by the idea, and eager to make a film in his country of origin, he undertook to make what was proposed to him. So he entrusted the screenplay to Julian Fellowesand asked Scorsese to be the executive producer of the film.

Finally released in theaters, The Young Victoria it established itself not only as a devoted reconstruction of the first years of the sovereign’s reign, but also as a passionate love story, in fact telling of her marriage to her husband Albert. The film boasts a rich and enveloping staging, where the costumes of the legendary woman stand out in particular Sandy Powell, which won thanks to them the Oscar award. Even today, this is one of the most suitable for those who want to get closer to the history of the famous royal family.

The Young Victoria: the plot of the movie

The whole thing is set in England in 1837. The king William IV he had no children, and the only heir to the throne is therefore his niece Victory. Thus called to become sovereign, the 17-year-old girl suddenly finds herself surrounded by people who stand by her only out of interest. From her mother to her uncle, everyone seems to aspire to have some of the incredible power that she has now obtained. Among the various things that they want to organize for her there is also her marriage to the prince Albert. However, Vittoria soon gets tired of the claims against her, and she declares herself against the idea of ​​knowing the young man and then having to marry him.

However, when he presents himself to the court, the queen is surprised to discover that he, like her, is tired of being manipulated by his relatives. The two young men thus begin to get to know each other, discovering that they understand each other much more than they could have imagined. Fortified by this experience, Vittoria finds the strength to alienate those around her solely out of personal interest, thus becoming a full-fledged sovereign. Soon, however, a deep political crisis opens up in the country and the queen finds herself being deeply criticized by the people. Only her love for her with Albert for her can give her back the hope and confidence necessary to carry out her duty.

The Young Victoria cast

The Young Victoria: the cast of the film

Playing a queen, especially if she really existed, is the ambition of many actresses. In fact, these are extremely complex characters, who present a strong contrast between their public and private faces. Aware that many interpreters would have battled for the part of Queen Victoria, the actress Emily Blunt he got in touch with the producer well before the castings started. She, the actress, was in fact bewitched by the script and the story of the sovereign, of which she admitted she was not aware. However, her intention was to portray her as a young woman in love who fights for what she feels is right. Thanks to her motivation, the actress finally got her role.

For the role of Prince Albert, however, they sought an interpreter who was not yet particularly well known. He was finally chosen Rupert Friendknown until then only from the film Pride and Prejudice. The producer and director Jean-Marc Vallee they were particularly impressed by his audition, finding that it perfectly reflected their idea of ​​the character. Once the part was obtained, Friend gave life to numerous searches in order to understand Alberto’s character as well as his personal stories. He also learned common practices for a prince, such as riding a horse, carriage and playing the piano. He also decided to take lessons with a dialect coach in order to improve his accent.

The actors also appear in the film Paul Bettany, Mark Strong and the Oscar winner Jim Broadbent. The first of these was called to play the role of Prime Minister Lord Melbourne. Bettany was actually twenty years younger than required for the part, but the producers and director still deemed him the better candidate. Strong instead gave life to John Conroy, military man and administrator of the Vittoria residence. Broadbent, on the other hand, portrays King William IV, Victoria’s father. The actress Miranda Richardson instead she played the Queen’s mother, also named Victoria and Duchess of Kent.

The soundtrack of The Young Victoriathe trailer and where to see the film in streaming and on TV

During the making of the film, the director decided to use an original soundtrack for the genre. In fact, he made use of both classic songs and more contemporary pieces, including several rock songs, which could best represent the mood of the film. Many of these, including songs by the Rolling Stones, were not used in the film, but only in preparation for the filming of certain scenes. In particular, however, the song has remained famous Only Youperformed by the singer Sinéad O’Connor, described as the perfect tune for the film and its story. The album containing the various tracks from the film was later released by EMI Music.

For fans of the film, or for those who want to see it for the first time, it will be possible to enjoy it thanks to its presence in the catalog of one of the main streaming platforms available today. The Young Victoria it is in fact present within Rai Play. By accessing this, it will be possible to enjoy the title in comfort and with the best video quality. In fact, the only requirement is that of registering on the site, which is completely free. The film is also present in the television schedule of Saturday 6 May at 21:10 On the canal Rai Movie.

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